Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Cloudcast - Eps.40 - Mobility - Craplications to AppStores to APIs

Date: June 7, 2012
Guests: Brian Katz (@bmkatz, A Screw’s Loose blog)

Description: Aaron and Brian talk with Brian Katz (@bmkatz) about the evolution of BYOD, CoIT, Mobile Apps, App Stores and a variety of challenges involved with mobile devices and mobile applications for solving business challenges.

Topic 1 - The iPad has been out for 2+ years now and sometimes it feels like we’ve been discussing this space for a while, but let’s start with some basics because it feels like we still have confusion about basic terminology: BYOD, CoIT, Crapplications, MDM (Mobile Device Mgm’t), MAM (Mobile Application Mgm’t), Mobile Information Management (MIM)

Topic 2 - Let’s work backwards and talk about success models involving mobile devices, mobile apps, mobility challenges. You have an interesting model you talk about quite a bit - secure the data, API to the data, UI/UX aligned to a problem, UI/UX aligned to mobile.

Topic 3 - Where are the biggest roadblocks to success? Security; Legal; Old Thinking; Funding, AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) etc..? Biggest Mistakes you’re hearing/seeing people make (manage devices vs. apps vs. data?)

Topic 4 - If you’re tackling a new business challenge/opportunity, walk us through your ideal model (architecture, skills, training, device policies, etc.)? Where are the parallel systems; where are the integrated systems?

Topic 5 - Who are some of your favorite companies, or technologies out there in this space?

Appendix (companies mentioned in the podcast)