Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Cloudcast - Eps.20 - "The Evolution of OpenStack" + Show Notes

Date: September 23, 2011
Guest: Jonathan Bryce (@jbryce, Mentor @ TechStars; CoFounder @ Rackspace Cloud; CTO of the OpenStack project; )

Q - Can you give us some background on yourself and how you got involved in the OpenStack project?

Q - Before we jump into the news of the week or the upcoming conference, can you give the listeners a quick overview of what the OpenStack project is today?

Q - The project is up to 110 different companies (plus independent developers), but Rackspace is still a major sponsor. How are all these different groups involved and how are all the projects coordinated with so many potential contributors?

Q - Last week the “Diablo” release came out, which is the 4th generation of many of the sub-projects. Can you give us an overview what’s new, what’s cool and why this release is important to companies? (dashboard, authentication, networking, distributed scheduler)

Q - The OpenStack Design Summit and Conference are coming up in early October. How are those two events different and what can people expect that are attending them?

Q - From your perspective, how do you measure if OpenStack is successful? Company support is up, some high profile companies (Dell, HP Cloud) have created some public solutions or services.

Q - OpenStack is one of several open-source Cloud Management projects in the industry these days (, Eucalyptus, oVirt). Are those viewed as competitive, or do you hope for success for all of those projects because they all encourage “open cloud”?

Q - Does OpenStack need to be adopted by the Enterprise to be successful, or is it enough to be adopted by many Service Providers (Cloud Providers) with Enterprises migrating workloads to those clouds?