Friday, July 15, 2011

Episode 13 - Meeting the PaaS Master + Show Notes

The Cloudcast (.net) - Eps.13 - Meeting the PaaS Master
July 15, 2011, 2011
Guest: Issac Roth (@ijroth), PaaS Master at RedHat, OpenShift group (@openshift)

Issac tells us how he got to be "the PaaS Master", and how that title doesn't scale to his personal life.

OpenShift was announced at Red Hat Summit in May. The platform is still in Developer Preview, but Issac tells us about the progress they've made and the number/frequency of updates.

We talked about where OpenShift is hosted today (Amazon AWS) and future plans to allow it to be portable &/or hosted on other Red Hat Certified Cloud Providers.
We then get into the basics of why developers should be interested in PaaS platforms -
  1. to use languages/environments that aren't supported in their current environment 
  2. to avoid all the underlying infrastructure setup and maintenance
  3. to eliminate CAPEX being the barrier to entry
Issac gives us the background about his quote in the Register article - "It's awful, I just want to write code. I just want to create Angry Birds."

We talked about the lack of independent "PaaS Evangelists" in the industry, especially since most of them work for the PaaS vendors.
Future of Paas? Get out your crystal ball, when will see wide spread adoption?

OpenShift videos on You Tub - Very impressive! Check them out!

David Blado, PaaS Evangelist at RedHat, provides some more insight into OpenShift
(courtesy of CloudAve)