Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Cloudcast #334 - The Future of Edge Computing

Brian talks with Derek Collison (@derekcollison, Founder and CEO at Synadia Communications) about the future of edge computing, the impact of AI/ML on edge systems, and how Telcos and open source communities will evolve with edge computing opportunities.

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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. We’ve spoken with you many times over the years, but first time on the podcast. Your background is very well documented, so maybe give us a little glimpse into your latest company - Synadia Communications.
  • Topic 2 - (Public) Cloud Computing has grown in lock-step with the growth of the smartphone (since 2007), creating a specific pattern of application/communication and data collection. What are the forces that are driving all the attention around the Edge Computing evolution (e.g. sensors, smart cars, peer-to-peer patterns, etc.)?
  • Topic 3 - What do the economics of Edge Computing look like today? Where are the big bottlenecks, or areas for big disruption? Does it vary widely depending on the application (e.g. sensor data vs. streaming vs. telemetry) , or geography (e.g. dense cities, transportation networks, rural areas, etc.)
  • Topic 4 - You’ve talked about the Google Brain project for a long time. We’ve seen growth around centralized AI/ML for the last 5-7 years. Do you expect a different mode of AI/ML that has to emerge because Edge Computing patterns will be significantly different than centralized models, or do they need small adaptations?
  • Topic 5 - You’ve need heavily involved with messaging technologies over the years, from TIBCO to NATS. Can you share some insight into how messaging (or async communications) that might need to evolve at the edge, in more distributed types of systems?